2024 Working Papers and Presentation Slides

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Jianpeng Deng, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics*; Chong Liu, Peking University; Zi Wang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Yuan Zi, The Graduate Institute Geneva and CEPR
Local Corporate Taxes and The Geography of Foreign Multinationals

Suleyman Basak, London Business School and CEPR; Valeria Fedyk, London Business School; Darcy Pu, London Business School*
Meritocracy and Asset Prices

Boyao Zhang, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona IAE-CSIC and Barcelona School of Economics*
Aggregate Effects of Special Economic Zones: A Firm Dynamics Model with Endogenous Entry, Exit and Location Choices

Ruochen Dai, Central University of Finance and Economics*; Dilip Mookherjee, Boston University; Kaivan Munshi, Yale University and Toulouse School of Economics; Xiaobo Zhang, Peking University
Community Networks, Entrepreneurship and The Process of Economic Development

Lin William Cong, Cornell University and NBER; Jacopo Ponticelli, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management; Xiaohan Yang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong*; Xiaobo Zhang, Peking University and IFPRI
Bridging the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship and Empowering Women via Digital Technologies

Naijia Guo, The University of Hong Kong*; Li Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Rongjie Zhang, Tsinghua University; Ben Zou, Purdue University
Migration Restrictions and the Migrant-Native Wage Gap: The Role of Wage Setting and Sorting

Jiayin Hu, Peking University; Wenwei Peng, Harvard University; Yang Su, The Chinese University of Hong Kong*
Empowering through Courts: Court Capture and Municipal Financing in China

Weizhe Aaron Wang, Northwestern University; Zhong Zhao, Renmin University of China; Xianqiang Zou, Renmin University of China*
E Pluribus Unum: Growing TFP From Regional Trade

Xinhao He, ROI Festival Charity Foundation; Huaqing Huang, Peking University*; Juanjuan Meng, Peking University
Do Consumers Respond Positively to ChatGPT-Aided Ads? An Experimental Study on the Disclosure of ChatGPT Involvement on Social Media

Jonas Jin, Princeton University; Yu Yang, Peking University*; Xiaoyang Ye, Brown University
Intergenerational Mobility Eff ects of Region-Based Education and Migration Policy in China

Ziqian Liu, Peking University; Yu Zhang, Peking University*
The Effect of House Prices on Fertility: Evidence from House Purchase Restrictions