2013 Working Papers

The papers below are PDFs. You will need Adobe Reader to view them.


Mingming Ma, Binzhen Wu, and Xiaohan Zhong
Matching Mechanisms, Matching Quality, and Strategic Behavior: Evidence from China

Lena Edlund, Elaine M. Liu, and Jin-Tan Liu
Beggar-Thy-Women: Foreign Brides and the Domestic Front – The Case of Taiwan

Fabrice Defever and Alejandro Riaño
China’s Pure Exporter Subsidies

Bei Qin, Yanhui Wu, and David Strömberg
The Determinants of Media Bias in China

Jing Cai
The Impact of Insurance Provision on Households’ Production and Financial Decisions

A. Kerem Cosar and Pablo Fajgelbaum
Internal Geography, International Trade, and Regional Outcomes

Taha Choukhmane, Nicolas Coeurdacier, and Keyu Jin
The One-Child Policy and Household Savings

Di Guo, Kun Jiang, Byung-Yeon Kim, Chenggang Xu
The Political Economy of Private Firms in China

Ruixue Jia
Pollution for Promotion

Wenya Cheng, John Morrow, and Kitjawat Tacharoen
Productivity as if Space Mattered: An Application to Factor Markets Across China

Xiaobo Lü and Pierre F. Landry
Show me the Money: Interjurisdiction Political Competition and Fiscal Extraction in China

Haichao Fan, Yao Amber Li, and Stephen R. Yeaple 
Trade Liberalization, Quality, and Export Prices

Jiandong Ju, Kang Shi, and Shang-Jin Wei
Trade Reforms and Current Account Imbalances

Jaqueline M. de Oliveira
The Value of Children: Intergenerational Transfers, Fertility, and Human Capital