2021 Working Papers and Presentation Slides

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Simon Alder, Swiss National Bank*; Zheng (Michael) Song, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Zhitao Zhu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Unequal Returns to China’s Intercity Road Network

Min Fang, University of Lausanne and University of Geneva*; Zibin Huang, University of Rochester
Migration, Housing Constraints, and Inequality: A Quantitative Analysis of China
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Peiyuan Li, University of Colorado Boulder
Political Repression, Media Propaganda, and Nation Building
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Hugh Xiaolong Wu, Washington University in St. Louis*; Yucheng Liang, Carnegie Mellon University; Shannon X. Liu, University of Toronto
Social Comparison and the Value of Performance Trajectory Information: A Field Experiment in the Workplace
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Ruixue Jia, University of California, San Diego, London School of Economics, CEPR, and NBER; Gerard Roland, University of California, Berkeley, CEPR, and NBER; Yang Xie, University of California, Riverside*
A Theory of Power Structure and Institutional Compatibility: China vs. Europe Revisited
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Shaoda Wang, University of Chicago; David Yang, Harvard University, NBER and CIFAR*
The Political Economy of Policy Experimentations in China

Yuanyuan Deng, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), UNSW Sydney*; Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania, Shanghai Tech University, NBER, and CEPAR; Katja Hanewald, UNSW Sydney and CEPAR; Shang Wu, Aware Super and CEPAR
Delay the Pension Age or Adjust the Pension Benefit? Implications for Labor Supply and Individual Welfare in China
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Stephan Heblich, University of Toronto, CESifo, IfW Kiel, IZA, SERC; Marlon Seror, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, DIAL*; Hao Xu, China Construction Bank; Bristol Yanos, University of Bristol, CESifo, Alan Turing Institute
Industrial Clusters in the Long Run: Evidence from Million-Rouble Plants in China

Jaya Wen, Harvard Business School
The Political Economy of State Employment and Instability in China
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