2015 Working Papers

The papers below are PDFs. You will need Adobe Reader to view them.


Nick Bloom, Kalina Manova, John Van Reenen, and Zhihong Yu
Managing Trade: First Evidence from China

Chun Chang, Kaiji Chen, Daniel F. Waggoner, and Tao Zha
Trends and Cycles in China’s Macroeconomy

Donghua Chen, Dequan Jiang, Alexander Ljungqvist, Haitian Lu, and Mingming Zhou
State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise

Yuyu Chen and David Y. Yang
Historical Traumas and the Roots of Political Distrust: Political Inference from the Great Chinese Famine

Ruixue Jia and Hyejin Ku
Is China’s Pollution the Culprit for the Choking of South Korea? Evidence from the Asian Dust

Yu Liu
Discretionary Charges as Firm Output Distortions: Evidence from China

Wolfgang Keller and Carol H. Shiue
Capital Markets and Colonial Institutions in China

Jiahua Che, Kim-Sau Chung, and Xue Qiao
Career Concerns, Beijing Style

Carlos Garriga, Yang Tang, and Ping Wang
Rural-Urban Migration, Structural Transformation, and Housing Markets in China